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The Water Drying Chamois is an extra large drying chamois that dries fast and won’t leave behind any lint or streaks. The Water Drying Chamois is great for dealerships, car wash businesses or anyone who needs to dry a large amount of cars in a short amount of time. It is capable of holding more water than any other chamois or towel. The unique non-clinging texture of this chamois will not grab the paint surface which greatly reduces chances of swirl marks and wear down of polish or wax. It gently glides over the surface and soaks up water and will not leave water residue. The durable, long lasting Water Drying Chamois is machine washable and will not be affected by mildew or bacteria. The more you use this chamois, the better it gets. The actual texture changes with extended use and becomes more effective. This huge chamois measures at 5.5 square feet and can be cut in half to fit desired needs.

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